Health Works – Village Health Workers

Training Health Workers

Health Workers being trained in Uganda

By working with Victory Outreach Ministries in Uganda Life Bridging Works helped support an existing Village Health Workers (VHW) programme through providing aid, resources and further training as required to maintain the work.  In 2009 Life Bridging Works helped develop Fountain School Clinic further to become a community clinic.  The clinic manager was given the ongoing responsibility of overseeing and supporting the VHW.

Sudanese Villager

A Sudanese Villager

The next phase is to begin training VHW’s in South Sudan enabling the creation of health promotion and projects to an area where it is greatly needed.

In South Sudan maternal mortality rate stands 10 times higher than Europe at 1.7%, with only 10% of all deliveries assisted by skilled health personnel.  Infant Mortality rate for under-five is between 250-350 per 1,000 births.  This area has the lowest routine immunisation coverage rated in the world with only 13% of children fully vaccinated.  Malaria is considered hyper-endemic in all age groups.  Over 90% of households do not have Insecticide-Treated Nets.  Physical stunting as a result of malnutrition effects 45% of children.  (According to UNICEF, WHO & Save the Children).

Help Life Bridging Works in battling for the poorest of the poor by giving today to this work.  Please reference any work designated for this as “VHW.”  To find out any more about this work or discover how you could get involved further please email