Bridging Team

Simon Fry (Trustee) – Has been involved in Uganda and South Sudan for the over 15 years.  Si has been involved in some way in all the charitable works there including helping to set up 3 primary schools and a secondary school; he has also provided training to many local church leaders.  Si founded Life bridging Works and oversees its operations.  Si is married to his childhood sweetheart Anna and has 4 children.
Andrew-01Andrew Holt (Trustee) – Has been involved in Uganda for nearly 25 years, and lived there for 8 of them. For part of that time Andrew was instrumental in the setting up and establishing of a local hospital. Andrew is currently serving as Financial Director for Inter Health UK.  Andrew has been a trustee from the beginning of Life Bridging Works and his input and practical wisdom is invaluable.  He is married to Louise and has 2 children.
Milton-01Milton Ogwal (Trustee) – Has lived in Northern Uganda all his life bar a brief period in the UK whilst he studied Theology.  Milton runs his own business as well as being part of a leadership team that runs a movement of over a 100 churches.  Milton is the one who had the vision to start up Kica Arwot in North Uganda.  Milton has been a trustee of Life bridging Works since the beginning and his local knowledge and understanding along with his strategic mind and pastoral heart make him a real asset to the team.  Milton advises and leads on works in North Uganda.  He is married to Irene and has 4 children.
Ken-01Ken Matthews (Trustee) – Ken has been leading teams over to Uganda for over 15 years and was the main instigator for the training of leaders in Uganda. Whilst also leading Grantham Baptist Church, Ken is currently responsible for the Toposan sponsorship children currently living in Uganda and is providing on the ground support to the work there with regular trips to assist the work in South Sudan.  Ken is married to Sue and has 5 children.
Jenni Joyes (Trustee) – Jenni Joyes is a Church Administrator and is married to Chris. When she isn’t in the church office she is normally chasing after their two young daughters and looking after their twin sons. Jenni is passionate about the local church and about baking!
Sue-01Sue Matthews – Sue works alongside Ken in all the aspects of the sponsorship scheme ministry. She is a registered Optometrist and runs clinics in remote villages identifying a wide range of vision problems and rectifying some of them with glasses recycled from the UK (thanks to David Kears Opticians in the Forest of Dean). Eye testing days in villages take the form of community outreach, teaching and celebration based on the local Victory churches. She also enjoys entertaining the various groups that visit Africa through VOM. Ken and Sue have 5 children and 9 grandchildren.
Anna-01Anna Fry (Health Consultant) – Has been involved in Uganda for over 15 years and has assisted in training the village health workers and providing mass treatment programmes.  She is a qualified nurse, has a post graduate diploma in Tropical Medicine and has a post graduate qualification in HIV/AIDS.  Anna currently advises on all health related works.  Anna is married to Si and has 4 children.

James Lokuuda Kadanya (South Sudan Consultant) – Was born in South Sudan and lives in Kapoeta.  Lokuuda is a Wycliffe trained bible translator and is overseeing the project that is translating the bible into Toposa. He founded and leads Salt & Light Outreach Ministries (SLM) in South Sudan and since 2007 have planted 6 churches. SLM South Sudan is part of New Frontiers a worldwide family of churches on a mission together. James aims to plant 20 churches amongst the Toposa in the next few years. James advises and leads on works in South Sudan.

Emmanuel Opio (Northern Uganda Consultant) – Emmanuel is the Director of Education at Blessed Hope School in Alebtong, he is also a Pastor with Victory Outreach Ministries and has a heart to see the most poor in society reached with the gospel and given the opportunity for an education. He is married to Precious and they have two young boys.

Peter Knight (Health Consultant and Practical Team Leader) – Is a UK trained paediatric registrar, who has lived and worked in the Middle East for 6 years up until 2011 when it became too unsafe for him and his family to be there. Peter currently advises on and leads all health related works in South Sudan as well as leading practical teams to do small building and decorating projects. He is married to Philippa and has 2 children.

Owen Mudford (Operations Manager) – Owen is involved on the UK side of the charity with communications, promotions and administration. He is also passionate about all that God is doing in the Horn of Africa and loves to travel out where possible to see the work on the ground, teaching the word of God and building relationships.