Education – Sponsoring Disadvantaged Children

Life Bridging Works seeks to provide a sponsorship programme that not only exposes the unreached to education but to the good news that Jesus has to offer.

This excellent scheme sponsors a group of 28 children, mostly orphans, from an area in South Sudan where there is currently less than a quarter of children are in education, in some villages one local leader told us it is as little as 1 child in 10 that are receiving education.

Sponsorship Children

Sponsorship Children

The scheme sponsors children through primary education and for some of them this continues onto secondary education too. The programme has been so eagerly received by the locals in that area of South Sudan have gathered together what funds they can to send a further 20 children along to the school.  Life Bridging Works would like to expand this sponsorship programme alongside the development of Kuleu Lights Primary School enabling more child to access quality education.

If you are interested in educating the mind of a child whilst training their hearts giving them a brighter future and a fuller life begin to sponsor one today.  For just £30 a month a child can receive a quality education.  Please email today stating “you would like to sponsor a child,” to find out more.