Beginnings And Recent Works

Life Bridging Works was established out of a desire to bring life in all its fullness to those in the developing world and East Africa in particular.

Ken Baptising New Believers In Uganda

Ken Baptising New Believers In Uganda

In 2008 after ten years of involvement in working with movements of churches in Uganda and South Sudan, Simon Fry felt challenged by God to set up Life Bridging Works to channel the funds coming in from various sources to further this work.  Up until this point funds had been channelled through Citygate Church Bournemouth as the work was started and lead by Ken Matthews who was one of the pastors there.  The work started primarily as a theological training exercise after God spoke to Ken about it through a description given at a prayer meeting about the state of the Church in Uganda being, “Miles wide but only inches deep.”  By this description they meant that the church was growing in terms of numbers very rapidly and on the surface a large move of God was happening but the move was very poor in terms of discipleship and depth of relationship with Christ particularly in the rural parts.

Simon With Sudanese Villagers

Simon With Sudanese Villagers

At exactly the same time Citygate Church were also pursuing a call to work with the unreached through partnering with a Wycliffe translation project in South Sudan amongst the Toposa people.

During those first ten years a number of other works were established including:

  • The building of Day Star Secondary School in Hoima Uganda;
  • The building of Fountain Boarding Primary School in North Uganda;
  • A mass Bilharzias programme around the Lira District of North Uganda;
  • A village health worker scheme set up in Uganda;
  • James Lokuuda Kadanya was supported through the Wycliffe Bible Translation Linguistic Degree
  • Translation Work of the Bible into Toposa began
  • James Lokuuda Kadanya moved back to Kapoeta, South Sudan
  • A sponsorship programme for children from the work in Kapoeta South Sudan to have access to education and the gospel through schooling at Fountain Boarding Primary School.*

*The reason for bring the children down from South Sudan to North Uganda was that at that time there was no schools or churches amongst the Toposa people in Kapoeta District.

Since then the charity has assisted with :

Church Related

  • The opening of the first church amongst the Toposa people;
  • Baptising over 400 people from the previously unreached Toposan people group;
  • The training of the first indigenous Toposan leaders;
  • Providing further theological training to village pastors in North Uganda;
  • Running youth weekends for over 200 youth in North Uganda;
  • Leading the first Toposan Bible Week focused on raising up tomorrows leaders today;
  • Providing theological and team building exercises amongst leaders in South Sudan;
  • Supporting James Lokuuda in the planting of 6 churches amongst the unreached.


Education Related

  • Furthering the development of Fountain Boarding Primary SchoolAgape Secondary School;
  • Funding the building of Blessed Hope Primary and Nursery School in Alebtong, North Uganda;
  • Building a temporary school structure in Kapoeta South Sudan;
  • Extending the sponsorship programme to look after more children to be sponsored in two locations;
  • Taking teams of 6th formers from the UK to experience life in North Uganda providing valuable life long experiences.
  • Currently building the permanent structure for Kuleu Lights School;


Small Business Enterprise Related

  • Providing many young people with valuable work experience opportunities
  • Helping set up an animal health clinic in South Sudan
  • Providing fishing nets to a lakeside pastor in North Uganda
  • Purchasing an Ox and plough for a village pastor in North Uganda

Health Related

Peter doing a check-up in Lira

  • Helping develop a school clinic to become a community clinic;
  • Providing a sustainable local management structure for the Village Health Worker programme;
  • Providing the start funding and initial funding for the Kica Arwot HIV/Aids support group;
  • Providing funding for emergency health works for key partner beaten for the sake of the gospel
  • Providing famine relief funding for Salt and Light Outreach Ministries to purchase food for people during a severe drought period.