Church – Raising Up Leaders

Raising Leaders

Training Village Pastors

Go to any major city in East Africa and you will find not only large churches but a whole host of bible schools and discipleship programmes.  However in an area notorious for poor roads, where the internet connections are often poor or exclusive to the rich, you will find that there is not much (if any) opportunity for theological training and discipleship outside of these centres.

Life Bridging Works provides training for these village pastors who have no or little access to theological training of any description.  Providing them with basic grounding in:


  • Theology.
  • Interpreting the different genres of the bible.
  • Providing practical leadership training.

Raising Leaders

UK Teaching Team 2012

Providing the tools and basic principles to mine the glorious treasures that are to be found in God’s word for years to come, without making a doctrine out of a verse or embracing any teaching that comes along with one or two bible verses attached.  This is not just a training programme that we provide and move on Life Bridging Works continue to support, work with and for the local church leadership for many years to come; regularly visiting and even living amongst them for a while to provide holistic discipleship and genuine friendship.

If you would like to help us in raising and releasing indigenous leaders then reference you gifts “Leadership.”  To find out any more about this work or discover how you could get involved further please email